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Property Inspections

Rietpan Construction is a specialist provider of Property Maintenance, Inspection, and Certification (PMIC) services. We offer solutions to facilitate the buying and selling of both residential and commercial properties from a quality standards point of view.

Builder And Inspector Looking At New Property

A property inspection is a physical assessment of a domestic or commercial property’s major construction, structures, and parts. This includes the roof, exterior, basement or foundation and structure, heating and cooling, plumbing, electrical, fireplace, garret, insulation and ventilation, doors, windows, and the interior of a residential property.

Property inspectors look for and give classification to the most important component defects and deficiencies, improper building practices as defined by South Africa’s National Building Regulations, those items that require extensive repairs, items that are general maintenance issues, and some fire and safety issues. A general property inspection is not designed to identify building code violations, although some flaws identified may also be code violations.

A standard residential inspection is not technically comprehensive and does not imply that every defect will be discovered. Some defects might be hidden and therefore not detectable. However, these types of defects are normally covered in contracts to protect the buyer/seller.

Rietpan Construction follows the Best Practice Guidelines in the construction industry, which serves as a standard for all property inspections. These standards describe what is and is not required to be inspected by the various associations mentioned during a general residential inspection. Many inspectors exceed these standards (allowable) and may also offer additional services such as inspecting pools, sprinkler systems, Lapas, etc. We point out possible areas of concern to all stakeholders involved (The Seller, The Estate Agent, and The Buyer) verification

After completing the inspection, we issue a Clearance Certificate. This certificate serves as an official 3rd party verification that the property in question complies with the requirements of a structurally sound building and furthermore, indicates that the property is well maintained and all the components in the home are functional as per minimum requirements.

Rietpan Construction’s Property Inspection Certification (PIC) is your guarantee of quality.

Property Inspection Services

We provide the following property inspection services that are specifically designed to give our clients greater peace of mind when buying or selling properties.  Estate Agencies benefit greatly from our services as a guarantee of quality:

  • Commercial and Residential Property Inspections
  • Rental Inspections
  • Maintenance & General Inspections


You will be quoted a price based on the size of your property. The following are not actual prices but serve as a general estimate of what you can expect to pay for a property inspection:

Small up to 99 square meters R2000 + vat
Medium up to 199 sqm R3000 + vat
Large up to 299 sqm R4000 + vat
Xtra-Large 300+ sqm R5000-R10000

Book an Inspection

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