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Fully registered Construction Company with expertise within the field of domestic and industrial construction, maintenance, renovation and parts thereof.


Projects are estimated on individual basis to ensure cost effective pricing for clients and to be flexible enough to accommodate every client.


Plans: Building plans, new buildings and additions
Brickwork: Face brick, semi-face brick, creative brickwork and any other special bond brickwork
Concrete: Foundations, custom columns, suspended slabs, canter levers
Plaster work: Steel and wood float, brush plaster, scratch plaster, rough cast (Spanish)
Roofs: Engineered steel fabrication, carports, custom steel supports, Timber construction, tile, IBR, Corrugated
Ceilings: Standard rhino-board and asbestos, knotty-pine, suspended ceilings, Finish with plaster skim, smooth and scratch
Cornices: Standard, large standard, fiber cement, molded polystyrene
Plumbing: Any general plumbing, drain laying, reticulation, rising mains, geysers, new installations 
Steelwork: Carports. Wrought iron balustrades, security gates and burglar proofing, sliding gates and Palisade fencing.
Painting: Waterproofing, interior/exterior, roofs, industrial flooring
Tiling: All types including hand cut listellos
Glazing: Shop fronts, shop fitting, any type of frames and glazing within.
Gutting: Demolish and removal, decommissioning
Carpentry: Any joinery, cabinets, displays, enclosures, dry walling, fitment of doors, frames, skirting, dado’s etc
Pools: New pools and renovating of existing