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Damp Problem? Leaky Roof? We will solve it…

Damp can be caused by and take on many forms – penetrating damp, rising damp and condensation. Penetrating damp is caused by water seeping through the walls at any point (as opposed to rising damp, which is confined to the lower part of ground-floor walls).

You may see damp patches appear when strong winds drive rain against the wall of your house, and disappear when the weather improves. Rising damp is confined to the lower part of walls (up to a height of about one metre) and to solid floors, and is caused by water soaking up from the ground. The warmth of your house will cause moisture to evaporate into the air. If you always keep your windows and doors shut, fresh air can’t replace this water-laden air. When humid air comes into contact with a cold surface, it cools and condenses – depositing droplets of water. In cold weather, the temperature of your external walls and windows is lower than the air indoors – so moisture will condense and run down your window panes, and into your wallpaper and plaster.

At Rietpan Construction, solving problems is all in a day’s work for us. One of our clients recently had a problem with damp in and around their home. This is what they had to say about our work:

“Rietpan helped us solve a damp proof problem and roof leaks. They also helped make a customer pool box cover that is light enough for my wife and kids to lift. Always a pleasure doing business with Tommy”

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